Osteoporosis Patient's Association of Georgia

Society Osteoporosis Patient's Association of Georgia
Office Address 7a Shavgulidze st. Georgia
Phone +995 32 232 0545
Geographical Area Covered Georgia
Year of foundation 2015
Organization name in local language საქართველოს ოსტეოპოროზით დაავადებულთა ასოციაცია (ოდა - ODA)
Membership categories People with osteoporosis / other patients Scientists / Researchers
Number of members 25

Services Provided
Patient support groups patient support groups patient newsletter meeting of women

Chief Executive Officer Neoline Petriashvili
Representative at IOF Iulia Zedgenidze
Number of staff members 10

Science/medical Continuing medical education medical journal
Public awareness and education brochure