FLS recommended as a key tool to reduce the impact of fragility fractures in Brazil

A Health Management Program focusing on the elderly in São Paulo addressed the impact of fractures on the healthcare system and strategies for their reduction, especially through implementation of FLS.

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On November 23, the Health Management Program brought together 43 of its representatives from different areas of the Brazilian private health sector at the Morumbi Hotel in São Paulo. The audience was composed of 50% health care providers or insurance companies, 40% hospitals and 10% companies specializing in population management with a focus on older adults. Speakers at this important forum included Dr. Ben-Hur Albergaria who is Vice-president of the National Commission of Osteoporosis of FEBRASGO and General Secretary of ABRASSO, both IOF member societies in Brazil.

The purpose of the event was to sensitize taxpayers to the impact of fractures in their health services and to demonstrate that effective tools exist to reduce that impact. Among the different tools presented, Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) were highlighted as part of the IOF Capture the Fracture® program to guarantee a multidisciplinary approach to patients with fractures, so that with evaluation and early management, costly and debilitating secondary fractures can be avoided.

During the day, prominent specialists presented the following topics:

Osteoporosis, epidemiology and impact of the disease
Dr. Ben-Hur Albergaria - Technical Director of the Centro de Pesquisa e Diagnóstico da Osteoporose de Espírito Santo. Vice-president of the National Commission of Osteoporosis of FEBRASGO. General Secretary of ABRASSO.

How to implement preventive programs in health operators
Dr. Ramiro Teixeira Hernandes - Coordinator of Núcleo de Atenção a Saúde Unimed de Regional Jaú. Consultant in Preventive Medicine and Unimeds Qualification. Health Management Consultant for Santa Casa de Barretos Hospital and Barretos Cancer Hospital.

Population health management with a focus on the elderly and compensation models
Dr.Rogério Silicani Ribeiro - Specialist in Exercise Physiology by the Centro de Estudos em Fisiologia do Exercício da EPM/UNIFESP. Master and Doctorate in Endocrinology (EPM-UNIFESP) Insper Health Management MBA. Medical Director of Innovation, Santa Celina Group

Capture the Fracture, what FLS are and their results
André Manoel Inácio - OSTI Coordinator - Osteoporosis Fracture Prevention Service, the first secondary fracture prevention service in the state of Paraná.

To learn more, visit the websites of IOF member societies in Brazil that bring together health professionals committed to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis in their country.