IOF Global Patient Charter endorsed by more than 100 organizations

Patient organizations, national and international scientific societies, international NGOs and medical institutes from more than 55 countries have now endorsed IOF’s landmark call to action.

The IOF Global Patient Charter, an initiative of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) which was drafted in cooperation with patient societies worldwide in 2017, seeks to drive global action for fracture prevention and improved patient care. 

Currently, the majority of people who are at high risk of fracture remain undiagnosed and untreated, and thus unprotected against a future of potentially devastating fractures that can lead to disability, loss of quality of life, and premature death. In fact, although about half of fracture patients will go on to suffer another fracture, 80 % are not offered screening and treatment for the underlying disease, osteoporosis. In response to this pervasive treatment gap, the IOF Global Patient Charter urges policy makers and health authorities to address the needs of millions of osteoporosis patients worldwide, who should have the right to:

DIAGNOSIS: Timely and accurate assessment of fracture risk, falls risk and diagnosis of osteoporosis
PATIENT CARE: Access to effective intervention options (treatment, lifestyle changes) and to regular drug treatment review by an appropriate healthcare professional
PATIENT VOICE: Involvement and choice in a long-term management plan with defined goals
SUPPORT: Care and support from society and healthcare providers, to ensure active and independent living

Endorsed by more than 100 organizations worldwide

With two recent additions, the Royal Belgian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation and Women without Osteoporosis (Bulgaria), the number of endorsing societies has now increased to 101 endorsing organizations. The wide range of organizations include IOF member national societies, international NGOs such as the NCD Alliance, and major medical societies such as the American Society of Clinical Endocrinologists.

IOF President Cyrus Cooper stated,

This is a wonderful achievement which emphasises the key global role IOF plays in serving patients with osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease. I encourage all organizations and institutes which support the right for patients with osteoporosis to receive timely diagnosis and care, to endorse this important Charter."

IOF CEO Philippe Halbout added,

Together, the Charter signatories represent one strong voice calling for change to make fracture prevention a global health priority. Health authorities must put into place the necessary strategies that will benefit patients worldwide - including the implementation of fracture liaison services in all hospitals that treat fracture patients.”

Endorse the Charter - add your voice to the call for patient rights

As an organization you can endorse the Charter by sending us a statement of support on a signed letter with your organization’s letterhead or logo. Please write to

We also invite individuals to show their personal support by signing the IOF Global Patient Charter at