OSTEORUS champions fracture prevention at X All-Russian Patient Congress

Representatives of the Russian Patient Society OSTEORUS took part in a Roundtable at the high profile X All-Russian Patient Congress that was held in Moscow from November 28 to December 2, 2019 - putting focus on FLS and other fracture prevention strategies.

The anniversary event was organized by the All-Russian Union of patients and was held under the motto "Interaction of the government and the patient community as the basis for building patient-oriented healthcare system in Russia". The importance of this Congress speaks for itself:

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sent a telegram of greetings to the participants. It noted that "...the recommendations and the overall consolidated position of the all-Russian Union of Patients will be taken into account in the development and implementation of state policy in the field of medicine and health care, training  qualified personnel...".

The welcome address to the participants of the Congress was received from Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, who noted the uniqueness of the platform, where representatives of the authorities, the medical community and public organizations discuss the problems of domestic healthcare and jointly seek ways to solve them. He also stressed that the development of  medical care  is one of the priorities of the social policy of the state, and the recommendations developed at the end of the Congress will be applied in practice.

The Congress was opened by the Russian Minister of Healthcare Veronika Skvortsova. She noted the special role of the All-Russian Union of patients in the implementation  of national projects.

Many interesting  presentations were made by the policy makers of our  country, the Federal Medical Insurance Fund , a representative of the WHO ( World Health Organization), the National Medical Chamber and others.

OSTEORUS participated in this large-scale event for the patient community of Russia for the second time. The purpose of the Congress is to create a dialogue platform for constructive interaction between public organizations, the state and experts, and to develop steps to improve the quality of medical care to citizens.

This year Professor Olga Ershova PhD, Chair of the society of patients with osteoporosis OSTEORUS and Vice-President of the Russian Association on  Osteoporosis (RAOP), was a speaker of the Roundtable "Healthcare of the Elderly- Patients with mobility difficulties: approaches to modern problem solving". She presented the report "Problems of the organization of medical care for patients with osteoporosis". It identified a number of topical issues and proposals related to osteoporosis for including in the final resolution of the Roundtable. Among these was to create FLS in every region of the Russian Federation and to provide free medical care to patients with hip fractures. The first FLS in Russia was started in Yaroslavl at the Regional Center of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis by specialists of RAOP. Now we have more than 45 FLS centers in Russia. Dr Ershova’s presentation attracted a great interest from the audience and she was asked many important questions concerning osteoporosis, its prevention and treatment.

As well, there was a successful Roundtable dedicated to the role of Mass Media in the realization of the National  project «HEALTHCARE»  in Russia. One of the initiators and moderators of this Roundtable was a member of the OSTEORUS team, Victoria Sotskova.

IOF congratulates OSTEORUS and RAOP for their fantastic efforts to drive progress in osteoporosis patient care. Hopefully, participation in this important Congress will make an impact on the decision of the government to make Russian Healthcare more patient–focused, providing improved care for patients with osteoporosis across the country.